Amazing Location

Tarangi Ramganga Resort

Marchula, Jim Corbett


On the banks of Ramganga River

Amazing View @ Tarangi Ramganga Resort

Tarangi Ramganga Resort is one of the most beautiful and Best Resorts in Jim Corbett. Located on the banks of Ramnagar resort with such a beautiful and civic atmosphere. The resort is located approximately 35 km from the Ramnagar city & 8 km from the Durgadevi Safari zone.

Tarangi Ramganga Resort have 30 rooms out of which few rooms have a clear view of Ramganga River and a panoramic scenic beauty of Jim Corbett National Park. Ramganga Resort have such a huge lawn adjacent to Ramganga River which gives a long Riverfront.

Corbett Ramganga Resort have a big size swimming pool, a heritage theme of villa & much more to attract.


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Corbett Office
Ranikhet Road , Dhikuli Village (Near Tiger Camp Resort), Jim Corbett, India
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